Operation Assessment & Audit: Management Full-Scale Review

Operation assessments and audits are the most effective way to create an action plan toward improvements. A comprehensive operational assessment and audit is a top-to-bottom approach of the entire business. Often an independent and experienced review of a problem can give a refreshing outcome. Whether its financial or operational challenge, Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Ltd will find an answer. By performing an objective assessment and audit, we can easily discover potential efficiencies, cost savings and improvisations in the back and front of the house and management procedures.

We are well equipped to examine any outlined systems and processes, our representative will spend time onsite, dawn to dusk, to scrutinize all day parts and end-of-day systems. We will also compare any written standards with reality, noting variations including any gaps in the operational systems and processes.

You can then expect to receive a holistic yet detailed report at its conclusion, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive set of recommendations that will improve operational excellence, food handling, product quality and guest satisfaction, boosting both top-line sales and bottom-line profits. While single-unit restaurants can benefit greatly from an expert opinion and an objective outsider’s view, it is critical for growing concepts to establish standardized systems and processes to efficiently and sustainably grow their brand.

What we look at:

Evaluating all processes, systems and standards of operations, guest and employee experience factors, cost controls, quality of products and services, price versus value relationships, execution of the known standards, training and leadership. You will receive a thorough on-site assessment of current operations and specific measurable recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing profitability.

HRC Hospitality Group will conduct a documented assessment of your business with a 10 point analysis that includes:

  • Purchasing and supplies ordering, receiving, storage, issuing and usage review
  • Local competition review, sales drive strategies, market position and branding
  • Menu evaluation including item placement, design, functionality & profitability
  • Operating systems including accounting, scheduling, inventories, purchasing
  • Food and beverage cost analysis & reduction recommendations
  • Profit & Loss / financial review of client provided documents
  • Physical property review, maintenance and utility review
  • Training evaluation, productivity and scheduling
  • Standardization of systems and processes
  • Recommended Action Plan

This will help you minimize risk, exposure, increase business operation standards, and protect their bands by increasing and maintaining high operating standards.

Don’t let apprehension about engaging an outside resource be a barrier to your success. If you realize you have a problem or issue that requires outside help, you’ve already moved one step forward. Our approach, strategies, and solutions work and we have the track record and a guarantee to back it up.

Please get back to us for a free consultative meeting in regards to the subject or simply reply to this blog as a matter of interest in the same and we will get back to you with more details.

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