Hotel HR & Payroll Outsourcing

If you own a hospitality business and are considering ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, HR & payroll outsourcing is fast becoming a solution for many operators. The benefits are numerous, but research into the perfect partnership for your operation is a must.

In the increasingly competitive hospitality industrys, businesses of all sizes and shapes can benefit from choosing to outsource their recruitment and other HR functions. When certain events arise, such as restaurant openings, seasonal gatherings or business conferences land on your plate, do you have the time and resources to recruit, train and manage specialized staff?

Whether you need additional staff on casual or permanent contracts, HRC can help you fill the skills demands of your business without the burden of administration or increased recruitment costs.

To take advantage of HR & Payroll outsourcing for the hospitality industry, owners and operators simply need to get in touch with HRC, then can partner with you to understand your company’s detailed needs.

From recruitment through to scheduling, payroll and outplacement services, outsourcing HRC can offer your company many benefits.

Key advantages of workforce management services in the hospitality industrY include:

  • Risk management – HRC dedicates their time to not only finding the very best staff for your needs, but also ensuring all compliance factors are taken care of.
  • Reduced administrative burden – HR can be time consuming, taking your focus from more important business functions. Partnering with HRC ensures you are not wasting time on recruitment, training and unnecessary paperwork. If you currently have a someone completing a dual HR / Operations role, you could re-align their duties back purely to operations.
  • Access top quality staff – HRC relies on quality outcomes to remain a successful business, which is why we take significant measures to ensure potential candidates are not only a technical match, but can slide into your current culture and are the best fit for your venue.

A professional staffing partnership should provide its stakeholders with the highest level of staffing, communication and personalised service available. They should be a direct extension of your current business model. They must understand your ultimate vision and be able to work together to achieve these results. This is where HRC.

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