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Increasing Hotel Revenue with Digital Marketing

To begin with we would like to ask you to think about how much money your hotel puts aside for it’s marketing budget. You don’t need to tell anyone else but what we would like you to do is think about how the money is split up, where do you designate that money? Perhaps is […]

Online Marketing Strategy for Hotel, Tourism & Restaurant Businesses

About our marketing blueprints: The approach we use with clients is quite different to most marketing and web agencies. Our marketing blueprints breakdown the strategy and tactics we’re using with our clients to rank them higher in Google, get more traffic and turn more of those visitors into paying customers, ultimately what everyone wants right? […]

Guide to Starting a Restaurant Business

Those wondering about how to start a successful restaurant business have a lot to take in. After all, it is a known fact that there are several reasons why restaurants fail. Failing to plan and execute properly will take you down the road to disaster faster than you may think. You must come up with restaurant […]

Importance of Restaurant Systems and Procedures

Systems – “Working IN your restaurant Versus Working ON your restaurant” Do you run your restaurant in a way that requires you to be there doing everything yourself all the time? Do you feel that in your absence, the restaurant will not be managed the way you would like it to be managed? Do you […]

Operation Assessment & Audit: Management Full-Scale Review

Operation assessments and audits are the most effective way to create an action plan toward improvements. A comprehensive operational assessment and audit is a top-to-bottom approach of the entire business. Often an independent and experienced review of a problem can give a refreshing outcome. Whether its financial or operational challenge, Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Ltd […]

Happy Holidays

From all of us at Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy, we want to wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the true meaning of this holiday season be on your hearts and minds, and may you start 2019 with the hope that comes from those holiday promises. Soon our hotel and restaurant […]