Hotel and Restaurant Operational Audit

Optimising all resources and maximising yield should be the objective for any hotel or restaurant owner or investor. Investors in the manufacturing sector ensure that all their machines work as effectively as possible and that the machine operators are trained to maximise output. It should be no different in the hospitality sector where a regular  operational audit can uncover so many opportunities to positively manipulate revenue and to control revenue costs.

But experience has shown us that hospitality investors can spend their days jumping from one operational task to another, missing these opportunities and leaving a lot of easy profit on the table.

A Hospitality Business Development Operational Audit Will Identify

  • cost savings
  • potential efficiencies
  • revenue generating opportunities
  • improvements in back or front of house
  • improvements in management procedures.

In 3 days, you can expect to receive a rounded picture of your business, and walk away with a simple step-by-step plan to significantly improve:-

  • guest satisfaction
  • operational excellence
  • product quality
  • top-line sales
  • bottom-line profits
  • business valuation.

Where there are multiple establishments, you can also expect recommendations about standardising systems and processes that optimise efficiency and help to grow the brand.

Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss a hotel or restaurant operational audit in more detail and ways to increase the value of your business.

Would you like to know more?

Download our latest White Paper entitled “Why Return on Hotel or Restaurant Investment Can Significantly Underperform” or contact us for an informal conversation about your Investment.

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