Hotel & Restaurant Cost Management and Control

Working on sales is core to improving profit, but time spent on ensuring that your purchasing systems are working effectively for your business can be an immediate source of profit conversion improvements. We can support you with access to market rates for lines in food and beverage and work with you to advise if your business should consider a group purchasing system enrolment. Procurement and contracting can be a time consuming and often confusing process that becomes a distraction from the day to day running of your business. By outsourcing your procurement, we can establish good management information on quantities and help you drive value by offering an overall basket spend for tender.

Using our experience in local and national suppliers and by involving your current suppliers in the process too, we will ensure that you are getting the best blend of quality, service and price every time you are making a payment to one of your suppliers. Once the products are in your business, we can implement systems of control that reduce stock-holding to free up cashflow, eliminate waste to boost your profits and examine your sales mix to ensure that you are engineering your menus to deliver the optimum food and beverage costs.

Utility costs are another area where we can help but we also happy to arrange for surveys where it may be necessary to engineer out some of the high consumption plant within your business. This will include preparing a full costs analysis and a projected pay-back period for the investment so that you can present it to a funding institution if the scale of the project exceeds present cashflow funding.

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Hotel & Restaurant Sales and Marketing

In every business, having a winning sales strategy is vital if you are to be successful. In other businesses, they might be focused on just one core product and yet they will still struggle with this core task.

In hospitality, we sell many different products with buyer influences from many angles: Price, Quality, Reputation, The time of the day, The day of the week, The type of customer served, Key events happening (sport / festivals) etc.

If you want to be sure that you are getting the most from your business in every hour of the day and night that your doors are open, then you need a cohesive and comprehensive strategy to understand what your customers want, when they want it and how you can be better than your competitors who do the same thing.

We will work with your team to ensure that everyone realizes the importance of every sale and how to influence your customers to drive sales that also increase profits. This is delivered through interactive training sessions and then can be monitored on a standards checklist and by financial analysis. We can also arrange a mystery shopper survey, so you get independent advice and feedback on how effective those changes have been.

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Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy

With many years of experience in hospitality, we have learned that success comes from having a clearly defined system and controls to ensure that those systems are delivered consistently. Working with international brands and family operated premises alike, we have developed and implemented outstanding quality programmes using a mix of operational tools and functional controls to support any scale of hospitality business from a coffee shop to a full-service hotel.

Hospitality is a fast-paced business and requires close attention to detail, planning and control as the ability to generate profit (or loss) exists every minute your doors are open. Often the most under-utilized resource is your staff team. How clearly do they understand their roles? Are you getting the best out of them? Do they believe they are getting the best out of you? that you are an outstanding employer?

By working with us, we will assist you in developing a system that will work for your business that focuses on driving sales, managing costs and improving quality of the guest experience. We are happy to meet you to discuss your business needs with a no commitment engagement meeting. It’s 30 cost free minutes that could kick start your business to a whole different level of profit.

We also do management outsourcing whereby the owner of the hotel selects Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Ltd to manage the property to minimize the obligations and responsibilities arising from the ownership of a hotel. The main aim of the delegation of the management of an outsourcing company is through professional management to achieve higher profits and faster ROI.

Let our team of hospitality consultants steward your concept from development to completion and beyond. The art of opening a successful hotel or restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how that even the most experienced operators might find daunting. Not our team. Our hotel and restaurant consulting team have the years of service, operational experience and industry expertise to guide you on your journey every step of the way. Equipped with comprehensive start-up checklists that cover every area of the hotel or restaurant business, from food and beverage concept development and opening, to logistics and operations, to front of house and back office, we will devise a winning plan to help take your vision of opening a restaurant or hotel to reality.

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Hotel & Restaurant Recruitment and Training

Hospitality is a labor-intensive business and always will be. While staff are the greatest asset of any hospitality business, they are also the most expensive operating cost to your business. Through years of experience and by working in every department of hotel operation, we have developed systems, structures and processes that make it easier to forecast staffing requirements, control the costs of the resources on duty and ensure that they are working efficiently to provide outstanding service within the best cost parameters possible.

From executive search and placement to advisory services and training, we are leaders in successful recruiting. We have the access and network to find the perfect fit to fill any position. Our restaurant and hotel recruitment team provide unmatched executive search, recruitment, candidate placement, and recruitment advisory services for restaurant concepts and hospitality ventures worldwide.  We utilize our vast personal and professional network of hospitality industry contacts and restaurant staffing partners, at all levels from across the globe, to find qualified candidates and provide top restaurant recruiting services.

Through effective staff training and proactive development of your team, we can improve the efficiency of your team and in the long-term drive substantial cost reductions through being able to operate to optimum staffing levels with people who are increasing your sales through upselling and more efficient service. The value that a culture of coaching and development can bring to any organization is focused interaction solely geared towards achieving a common goal. There are different variations that can be applied to this of course, so one size does not fit all. However, getting a model of support to assist your business could take your profits and performance to new levels of excellence – when you have the right coach.

With established teams we can work at agreed intervals ranging from once a week, to once a month. During these sessions we focus on established targets and actions and the team are held accountable for the results. Where those results are not as expected, we analyze why, understand the cause and work on developing a revised plan to implement along with clear guidance and instruction for all of the team. This will be delivered consistently and quickly so that the improvements become immediately visible in your business. These sessions are fun, interactive and engaging and your team will understand that they are gaining new skills that will support their development in their chosen field of expertise.

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Hotel & Restaurant Management Consulting

Looking for that hotel or restaurant consulting company which can give your brand that competitive edge? HRC is a game changer in hospitality consultancy. With our business development DNA, and creative insight we drive results for independent and starting hotel and restaurant groups. Get in touch to find out what our team can do to help you succeed.

Hotel & Restaurant Marketing: 5 Ways of Liaising With Potential Customers

To choose a solid marketing strategy is a crucial for promoting the image of a hotel or restaurant. In this post we show you five ways of liasing with potential customers.

Just as in any kind of business, knowing how to choose a solid marketing strategy is crucial for promoting the brand image of a hotel or restaurant, particularly those who touch upon after-sale strategies (that is, the ones we use so that once the customer has stayed in the hotel they can count on us for the future).

And the thing is, according to the experts, it is much more complex to build up trust with an existing customer than it is to gain a new one.

We’ve prepared 5 strategies that may help you to improve contact with your potential customers.



The comments that the customer leaves on the website or on social networks make up a very valuable resource that we have at our disposal.

Through these, the general opinion that people have about our team and our services is reflected. One negative comment may not necessarily tell us anything, but if many customers think the same thing, we already have something to work on.


If the customer has already stayed in the hotel or dined at the restaurant, then we have their contact details. Using these we can create a database for our personalised advertising campaigns.

If we have their email, we can send them offers this way, knowing that the vast majority of them will have the desired effect.


There is nothing that excites potential customers more than feeling different from the rest.

In order to achieve this effect, we can send special offers with a special price for a customer who has already stayed in the hotel or dined at the restaurant. We don’t need to put ourselves out of business either; a small percentage will be more than enough for them to continue to trust in us.


Profiles on social networks must be very well monitored: we have to update them, publish quality content, reply to feedback, etc.

If we do so, we can be sure that we will obtain a high level of feedback that we can make the most of.


The customer looks for innovation and something that really grabs their attention. If we always offer the same thing in the same way, you can be sure that it won’t be long before our competitors leave us behind. Look for a way to break ground and we will win them over again.

With these tips on hotel & restaurant marketing, we will strengthen the trust of our potential customers so that they can stay or dine with us.