Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy

With many years of experience in hospitality, we have learned that success comes from having a clearly defined system and controls to ensure that those systems are delivered consistently. Working with international brands and family operated premises alike, we have developed and implemented outstanding quality programmes using a mix of operational tools and functional controls to support any scale of hospitality business from a coffee shop to a full-service hotel.

Hospitality is a fast-paced business and requires close attention to detail, planning and control as the ability to generate profit (or loss) exists every minute your doors are open. Often the most under-utilized resource is your staff team. How clearly do they understand their roles? Are you getting the best out of them? Do they believe they are getting the best out of you? that you are an outstanding employer?

By working with us, we will assist you in developing a system that will work for your business that focuses on driving sales, managing costs and improving quality of the guest experience. We are happy to meet you to discuss your business needs with a no commitment engagement meeting. It’s 30 cost free minutes that could kick start your business to a whole different level of profit.

We also do management outsourcing whereby the owner of the hotel selects Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Ltd to manage the property to minimize the obligations and responsibilities arising from the ownership of a hotel. The main aim of the delegation of the management of an outsourcing company is through professional management to achieve higher profits and faster ROI.

Let our team of hospitality consultants steward your concept from development to completion and beyond. The art of opening a successful hotel or restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how that even the most experienced operators might find daunting. Not our team. Our hotel and restaurant consulting team have the years of service, operational experience and industry expertise to guide you on your journey every step of the way. Equipped with comprehensive start-up checklists that cover every area of the hotel or restaurant business, from food and beverage concept development and opening, to logistics and operations, to front of house and back office, we will devise a winning plan to help take your vision of opening a restaurant or hotel to reality.

To find out how we can help you go about hotel and restaurant management, take the first step and Get In Touch