Consultancy for New Openings and Turnarounds

New Openings

New hotel and restaurant openings (or existing re-openings) can be a stressful time. With the right team behind you though, it can be a grand and joyous activity for your staff and your guests. When you think about your opening celebration, you can probably picture yourself standing at the door, eagerly awaiting your first guest’s arrival. What you don’t see is the time and effort it took to get you to that point.

No one thinks of the hard work

No one pictures the opening of their hotel or restaurant and that first arrival as labour intensive and stressful. Nor should you! It is the greatest day of your career.

The truth however, is that months go into cutting that ribbon and opening those doors. Depending on the size of the hotel and its amenities the process can take 8 to 24 months, or more!

Don’t worry; there is a solution.

Hiring a Consultancy Agency

It is a daunting task and no one should be telling you otherwise. You do not have to go it alone. Hiring a hospitality consultant can solve a lot of your issues and eliminate your stresses.

From minor details you may not even have time to think about, such as defining quality standards to detailed departmental organizing, a consultant will be there from step one to step “Welcome home, we hope you enjoy your stay!”


Hotel and restaurant turnarounds are a scary and turbulent time. Letting go of your reigns is a difficult decision. However, if your establishment is finding itself losing money, guests or staff and failing to return a profit, then that might be exactly what you need to do.

Turnaround consultancy offers the help, advice and experience to help you see essential issues and enjoy your establishment once again.

They work with your vendors, creditors, and debtors to negotiate loan waivers and debt restructuring plans. They also look at your current practices and show you where you can dissolve overhead, increase cash flow and reduce cash expenditure.

Your Staff

Staff training and evaluation is important. A consultant will handle the hard work for you. Eliminating staff that under produce or offer little value, outsourcing non-essential tasks to reduce work load and timing.

Efficiency and atmosphere are not over looked either. Every minor detail from the time you’re first contacted by your guest until they check out or pay their bill is re-evaluated.

From top to bottom, you get the overhaul and expertise to revive your establishment and make it the amazing vision you once had.

Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Ltd is here to help. Feel free to contact us if you wish to get any advice when it comes to your new openings or turnaround.

Culinary Operations is Key Driver in Kitchen Design

Designing and building out a restaurant’s kitchen is not simply choosing the right equipment to execute your concept’s menu, but instead requires a thoughtful approach to culinary operations. Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy recommends hiring a kitchen designer that tailors your kitchen and equipment choices to best facilitate your daily cooking operations.

Typically, kitchen designers are engaged as a prospective owner is looking at spaces or recently signed a lease. To start the design process, your kitchen designer will visit your space, analyze your menu, and explore your needs. The menu will help dictate the required equipment while the space and the business’s financial model will impact the capacity that the equipment needs to handle. It is a delicate balance between the various constraints of a kitchen including output efficiency, physical space, budget, and creativity of the menu. Menus may need to be modified to allow more flexibility with the other constraints

“A kitchen should be designed with the experience in mind,” says Alex of Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy. “A fast-casual establishment, for example, often would be laid out very differently than a fine dining restaurant.” Although it is a less romantic way to view a restaurant, a kitchen is essentially a manufacturer of food. Like a factory, a restaurant’s kitchen needs to be designed in a way that it can effectively and efficiently put out as much food at the appropriate pace that a concept demands. For example, a fast-casual establishment may have an open kitchen with its mise en place set up as an assembly line, visible to diners. A fine dining establishment instead may emphasize a slower, more detailed approach to plating.

A restaurant takes in raw goods like produce and protein and ultimately needs to turn those ingredients into plated dishes. Kitchen design needs to take into account every stage of development from raw ingredient storage, prep space, mise en place storage on the line, to a place to send out completed dishes. If a restaurant expects a certain number of covers per night, it will need the appropriate equipment and space to produce the necessary meals. “Additionally, a kitchen should be designed for the busiest times like a Saturday evening service in a fine dining location, for example,” says Alex.  If the operations can survive this stress test, it should be able to handle the day to day ebb and flow of service.

The flow of operations is vital to a well-functioning restaurant. An unexperienced designer may ignore the cooking process. Food needs to go from a prep area to cooking station to being plated and served. If the flow is not efficiently designed, the restaurant will not operate efficiently, decreasing the number of covers per service and increasing the complexity of the operation. Your culinary team has to cook in your kitchen every day so the ergonomics of the workflow should also be taken into consideration as any unusual movements can cause undue stress on the staff resulting in injuries or at the least unhappy workers.

If you sign a lease that was previously an existing restaurant, be sure that the space and its assets are up to code and are in good working order. “Do not make the assumption that you can reuse previous equipment, mechanicals, and even the layout in the space,” says Alex.  Codes and regulations change often so the space may not be in compliance.

Your kitchen designer should work with your architect to make sure that the space is up to code by Department of Health, Department of Buildings, and the Fire Department of respective local authority. Your kitchen designer may be able directly sell you the equipment and oversee installation, otherwise, he or she will be able to provide you the proper contacts at the appropriate retailers or wholesalers.

Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy has the experience and the network to help you develop your concept from any stage of development. From finding the perfect space, hiring the right chef, or equipping your kitchen, our team will act as your primary consultant to connect you to some of the best talent in the hospitality industry. Contact us at +254710263910 or

To learn more about Chef Alex  and Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy, check out

Hotel & Restaurant Concept Development

Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy will provide guidance, support, and advice on all concept development and related due diligence. Our team will run the numbers to make sure your concept is set up for success from day one. If you have an existing concept, Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy can also adapt and refine your concept, brand image, programming, and positioning to make the greatest impact.

Perfect For:

  • First-time restaurateurs
  • Chefs with a brilliant food concept who need help getting started
  • Restaurant groups looking to diversify their portfolios with new concepts
  • Restaurant groups bringing existing concepts or models to Kenya
  • Hotel developers or hotel management companies looking for curated F&B options


  • Ideation and conceptualization stage
  • Business planning and strategy development
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Real estate market feasibility assessment


Our experts will sit down with your team and provide the due diligence of your hotel or restaurant concept with regards to market place trends, competitor analysis, and real estate factors. Most importantly, our team will produce a set of financial projections based on a thorough assessment of the proposed concept. We can quantify the impact of each aspect of your hotel or restaurant on your bottom line and ROI. We can help you prepare proof of concept materials to demonstrate profitably and to secure funding from investors. These projections will serve as a roadmap for future decisions as the model can be updated at each stage of your buildout. Having a strong financial understanding of your business gives you leverage in negotiating with your landlord and vendors.

Services Include:

  • Financial projection for your proposed concept based on market statistics regarding rent, vendor costs, operating budget, local trends, and competitor analysis.
  • Insight and guidance on real estate opportunities that are conducive to the launch of your concept in Kenya.
  • Proof of concept materials for investment meetings.


This aspect of the concept development scope of work identifies and highlights the types of items that will be paramount to the core of the concept, and provides a directional roadmap towards further development of the food concept by a professional Chef.

Services Include:

  • Discussion of preliminary food concept goals.
  • Assessment of financial feasibility of food concept.
  • Development of a directional menu for presentation purposes.


Opening a hotel or restaurant is difficult, especially with the regulatory environment in Kenya. Our sister legal practice, can advise you on the numerous legal challenges that restaurants face.

Services Include:

  • Partnership agreements and ownership structure.
  • Leases and contracts.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Liquor license, sidewalk café permits, public assembly and temporary event permits, cabaret licenses, and health permits.


Finding the right space to house your restaurant in Kenya is a difficult and time-consuming affair. We can connect you with one of our trusted a hospitality real estate brokers to help you find a location that is perfect for your concept and negotiate with your future landlord.

Services Include:

  • Introduction to Hotel and Restaurant Consultancytrusted real estate brokers.
  • Market feasibility research and real estate guidance.
  • Lease review and negotiation counsel.


The final piece of your concept puzzle is your brand strategy and visual identity. Brand aesthetics convey the value, quality, and mission of your concept. Your visual identity goes beyond a logo—it informs the aesthetics of your hotel or restaurant including floorplan, décor, menu styles, and even the finishing of your equipment.

Services Include:

  • Guidance on strategic branding and design elements including layout, design, logos, colour palettes, and language.
  • Development of a mood board to visually present the intended look, feel and layout, including mock-ups of interiors, menus, and finishing.


Did you know that on average it takes over 80 different vendors to open a restaurant? Let us help you make the right choices the first time. Call us now for a free consultation.

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Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Explained

We know Hospitality.

We lead the industry in new concept development for clients and have developed projects that grab headlines, win awards, draw crowds, and deliver on the bottom line.

Originality, recognition and profitability. Everyone wants these elements in a successful hotel or restaurant operation. We lead the industry in new concept development for clients and have developed projects that grab headlines, win awards, draw crowds and deliver on the bottom line.

Launching a new hotel and restaurant vision — or fixing a damaged or broken one — requires extensive knowledge and experience that even the most seasoned hotel or restaurant manager or chef can find daunting. From culinary development and implementation of systems to understanding hotel and restaurant standards and talent search and acquisition, we can help every step of the way.

Our reputation is based on our ability to recognize and balance all relevant components of the business, the brand, the operating model, and the right strategy in order to create a foundation to build premium profit. With a process focused on quick profit generation for the concepts we help our clients develop, and especially for the businesses we come into and fix, we afford you more time to focus on your guests and keep your investors happy.

Don’t let apprehension about engaging an outside resource be a barrier to your success. If you realize you have a problem or issue that requires outside help, you’ve already moved one step forward. Our approach, strategies, and solutions work. And we have the track record and a guarantee to back it up.

Starting a new hotel or restaurant?

Let our award-winning team of operators and industry experts develop a winning launch plan for you. Let our team of hospitality consultants steward your concept from development to completion and beyond.

The art of opening a successful hotel or restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how that even the most experienced operators might find daunting. Not our team! Our hotel and restaurant consulting team has the years of service, operational experience and industry expertise to guide you on your journey every step of the way.

Equipped with comprehensive start-up checklists that cover every area of the hotel or restaurant business, from food and beverage concept development and opening to logistics and operation to front of house and back office, we will devise a winning plan to help take your vision of opening a restaurant or hotel to reality.

Looking to Improve or expand a concept?

As no two hotel or restaurant concepts are the same, we specialize in creating unique play books to drive long term growth. Wondering How to Develop Your Restaurant Business? We bring our experts to the table.

  • Award-winning team of hospitality consultants and development advisers.
  • Specialized side by side service and operational support.
  • Vast resources and scope of expertise.

 Just some of the reasons why our clients keep coming back for more. This is hotel and restaurant consultancy. This is hotel and restaurant development at its best. This is our story.

 Our clients are family. We nurture, guide, develop, support, and champion them all. We’re not just another hotel and restaurant development company. Sure, we know how to develop a hotel or restaurant business. But, our work doesn’t end once we set clients on the path for hospitality success. We continue to drive their business with ongoing, strategic, specialized service. Playbooks created just for them. Playbooks to grow their business.

From existing hotel and restaurant assessments and concept re-positioning to tiered marketing outreach programs and social media savvy, we provide the hotel and restaurant development framework to set our clients up for the long haul.

In search of top level talent?

From executive search and placement to advisory services and training, we are leaders in successful recruiting. We are experts in restaurant recruitment. We know our clients. We know what they are looking for. We have the access and network to find the perfect fit to fill any position. Our restaurant and hotel recruitment team provide unmatched executive search, recruitment, candidate placement, and recruitment advisory services for restaurant concepts and hospitality ventures worldwide. How to Recruit Employees for Hotels and Restaurants? How Can Our Restaurant Recruiters Help You with Your Restaurant Staffing?

We utilize our vast personal and professional network of restaurant and hospitality industry contacts and restaurant staffing partners, at all levels from across the globe, to find qualified candidates and provide top restaurant recruiting services.

We provide restaurant and hospitality staffing from the largest possible pool of talent for consideration for your restaurant or food service operation.

We research and refine the candidate pool during our hotel and restaurant recruitment phase to save time and money during the interview and hiring process.

We only recommend candidates that have earned the hrc seal of approval. Our restaurant and hospitality recruitment and consulting is done with the utmost care and diligent research. We stand behind our restaurant staffing placements with a 90-day guarantee.

How Are We Different from Other Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Recruiters & Agencies? 

We care. We care about the success of the companies we partner with and the candidates we put forth. Our restaurant and hospitality recruitment scope doesn’t just focus on finding someone to do a job, for us it’s about recommending candidates who will contribute to a company’s culture, develop in their role, and have the dedication and ability to push the bottom line forward.

We stand out from other hospitality recruiters, restaurant staffing agencies, hotel recruitment agencies, and headhunters because our recruiting services, and our restaurant staffing plans, are run in-house. Most restaurant and hospitality industry recruiters use placement agencies to find candidates. The problem? Most clients can do that themselves. Who has time for that in today’s professional environment? We work as a team, together with our clients, to provide methodical, thorough, and effective recruitment.

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