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From all of us at Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy, we want to wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the true meaning of this holiday season be on your hearts and minds, and may you start 2019 with the hope that comes from those holiday promises.

Soon our hotel and restaurant consultants will be releasing our Top Tips for 2019 but until then, enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

How Do I Know If I Need A Hotel Consultant?


hotel/restaurant consultant is a professional who is responsible for giving professional advice to investors or individuals who are interested in entering this business. They also provide support to hotels and restaurants that are in operation.

Having a hotel/restaurant consultant is actually very practical at all times: if the business is not going as well as expected, with their advice we can come out at the other side. However, even if it goes well, a hotel or restaurant consultant may help us to prevent a crisis, as well as establish different strategies to consolidate and expand the brand on the market.

Even though they have been operating for some time, some hotels and restaurants find it difficult knowing how to define their business model and the goals they want to accomplish. Different opportunities will arise, but they won’t know how to achieve them or what to do if they manage to obtain them. With a hotel or restaurant consultant, they can identify the strong points of the business whilst connecting with any opportunities that arise or may arise.

We will now define the main duties of a hotel/restaurant consultant.


Prepare market studies.

Develop a project that adapts to the real needs of the market, as well as the location in which the hotel/restaurant is placed.

Prepare feasibility studies for the project. This will determine whether the installation of a hotel/restaurant is convenient, if it will be profitable, and other related matters.

They will also develop the Business Plan and Development Plan.

If the hotel/restaurant is already in operation, the consultant may provide all the tools that allow it to organise processes, adapting to the customer’s demands at all times. To do this, they will use specialised programs in marketing and sales, operational hotel management, they will establish promotion strategies, as well as training and practice plans.

hotel/restaurant consultant will provide a new look towards the market, helping the business to organise all its priorities and make all the relevant changes that will help it to become established as one of the best in the competitive market where it is situated.

With all of this we reiterate what we have already said: a hotel/restaurant consultant is required one way or another, both if it is running well or if it is going through a bad time.

The Importance Of A Hotel Consultant


hotel consultant is a professional that can provide a new approach to our hotel, helping us to enhance certain aspects related to the team or to certain aspects of the organisation as a whole.

We will analyse this issue in depth so that you can learn about their duties in detail.


Capturing customers: They will be in charge of implementing different strategies that will help us to capture customers, as well as retain them. They will also segment the market in order to be able to identify the most predisposed profile to visit our complex.

Increased profitability: They will also study any type of aspect that is related to the hotel’s viability; including the management of payments, prices of services, appropriate hiring of staff, payment of taxes…

Positioning the brand on the Internet: The Internet is an important resource that will help the world to learn more about our hotel. For example, should we have a hotel in Lanzarote, we can position our page with the appropriate terms so that, when a customer wants to stay in that place, we will appear in the first positions. Given the importance of this aspect, the hotel consultant will have the appropriate knowledge needed to extend the brand throughout the network.


In addition to all the aspects we have mentioned in the previous section, we will now see more specifically how having a hotel consultant can benefit us.


Computerisation is key in hotels; a suitable software must be used to manage employee payrolls, customer details, payments, supplier agreements, as well as any other related aspect.

As there is a high quantity of hotel software existing on the market, choosing the most suitable one for us is not an easy task; a hotel consultant will have the appropriate knowledge, based on the type of hotel and its needs, to choose the most suitable technology.


The truth is that the hotel sector is evolving at a very progressive rate, and it is very possible that your competition has overtaken you. Knowing how to go one step ahead will help us attract customers and strengthen the business.

A hotel consultant will be in tune with the latest changes; in this way, you can adapt to the market to achieve the best results.


The vast majority of hotels waste time doing some manual tasks that could be automated. A hotel consultant will have the right tools to automate different processes; this will not only save time, it will also save money.

For all of these reasons, hiring a hotel consultant may be the best decision of your life, something that really will keep the business afloat or simply improve profits.

Buying or Investing in a New Hotel or Restaurant

Buying or investing in a new hotel or restaurant, or operating an independent hotel/restaurant or small chain, can present a host of challenges in today’s fiercely competitive and demanding market. Not least of the challenges is optimising profits, whilst delivering a sustainable and consistently outstanding experience for diners.

Not that many hotels/restaurants achieve this operating objective, many have the potential, but fail to realise it!

At HRC we work with hotel and restaurant owners and investors, whether they have existing premises or are buying or investing in a new hotel/restaurant, to develop successful, sustainable and profitable establishments.


By helping you create and deliver a unique, outstanding and compelling dining experience for each key target group of clients. Our no nonsense expertise can help you to: –

  • Set realistic expectations and objectives
  • Maximise sustainable returns on investment
  • Minimise financial exposure
  • Communicate with target groups, intelligently, both online and offline
  • Deliver the experience, time after time
  • Grow the business asset
  • Secure regular, positive ‘word of mouth’ endorsements that follow an outstanding customer experience

We will also help you to avoid the common reasons for failure. These include: –

  • Not having the right stakeholders involved
  • Being ‘burned’ by market cycles – e.g. buying high, selling low
  • Not understanding your location and the factors that could cause it, and your investment, to weaken
  • Poor capital and liquidity assumptions
  • Over leveraging
  • Significant cost overruns
  • Inefficient operational process
  • Unable to keep up with competition

HRC works with hotels and restaurants across Africa, especially in the East Africa. Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your venture in more detail.

Hotel and Restaurant Operational Audit

Optimising all resources and maximising yield should be the objective for any hotel or restaurant owner or investor. Investors in the manufacturing sector ensure that all their machines work as effectively as possible and that the machine operators are trained to maximise output. It should be no different in the hospitality sector where a regular  operational audit can uncover so many opportunities to positively manipulate revenue and to control revenue costs.

But experience has shown us that hospitality investors can spend their days jumping from one operational task to another, missing these opportunities and leaving a lot of easy profit on the table.

A Hospitality Business Development Operational Audit Will Identify

  • cost savings
  • potential efficiencies
  • revenue generating opportunities
  • improvements in back or front of house
  • improvements in management procedures.

In 3 days, you can expect to receive a rounded picture of your business, and walk away with a simple step-by-step plan to significantly improve:-

  • guest satisfaction
  • operational excellence
  • product quality
  • top-line sales
  • bottom-line profits
  • business valuation.

Where there are multiple establishments, you can also expect recommendations about standardising systems and processes that optimise efficiency and help to grow the brand.

Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss a hotel or restaurant operational audit in more detail and ways to increase the value of your business.

Would you like to know more?

Download our latest White Paper entitled “Why Return on Hotel or Restaurant Investment Can Significantly Underperform” or contact us for an informal conversation about your Investment.

Crafting A Successful Hotel Or Restaurant Pre-Opening Marketing Plan

If you’re in the early planning stages of opening a new hotel or restaurant, you’re very likely mired in a trillion tiny—yet critical—details and complications. The inherent red tape in obtaining permits. The like-clockwork construction delays. The time-consuming search for a staff that can fulfill your vision. So it would be no surprise if the whole “heads in beds” mentality hasn’t hit you yet. And, though we hate to add anything more to your already full plate, you need to start promoting your property.

Ideally, you should create and launch your pre-opening marketing plan up to 18 months in advance of serving your very first guest. No need to panic if you’re already inside that time window. What’s important now is to thoughtfully strategize and begin executing a comprehensive plan that should minimally include these key elements:

First thing’s first. You need to decide “who” your hotel or restaurant is going to be. Understanding your competitors and your target audience is a good starting point in determining your unique selling proposition within the market and clearly establishing your brand. Then ask yourself, “Is this distinction compelling? Can I communicate it in a way that will motivate the guests I want to book?”

Public Relations
The good news? Publicity is free. The bad news? You need to start early. Really early. Remember that consumer and industry media have deadlines that range from one month up to one year before their publication date. But creating a buzz before your property opens is definitely worth the time and effort.

Think of it this way…how do you feel if you hear about a new product or service that sounds intriguing but you can’t find their website. You immediately discredit it, right? Same theory goes for your hotel. When you’re getting your name out there, you want to be able to drive potential guests to a professionally designed site that gets them excited about your opening. Of course SEO should go hand-in-hand with this effort so your site will appear on the right search engine results pages. (But let’s not dive too deeply here. We have other blog posts dedicated to SEO.)

Social Media
Everyone has their go-to social media site for staying in the know. Use this to your advantage. Post videos of construction progress on YouTube. Showcase great photography on Instagram. Highlight fascinating content on Facebook. Tweet about your brand on Twitter. And make sure you engage in a conversation—social media shouldn’t be an “I’m going to tell you about my new hotel or restaurant and you’re just going to sit there and listen/read” vehicle.

Advertising/Direct Marketing
As opening day approaches, you’ll want to get offers into the hands of potential guests. An advertising campaign that incorporates print and digital media (including the purchase of email lists) is a great way to build your brand, target the right audience and give them the deal they need to make that reservation.

Need help developing and executing your hotel or restaurant pre-opening marketing plan? Contact HRC at
info@hrc.co.ke or +254710263910 today.